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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Cleansing

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Before every Chinese New Year, traditional custom is to have a cleaning of the house to welcome the New Year. And usually we will name it the great Spring-cleaning.

In Taoism and Feng Shui, not only physically cleaning the house and its environment, but also clearing away stagnant and bad Qi or energy that is in the house. Therefore we are not only cleaning the house but also cleansing it before the New Year.

In Taoism the traditional method, upon finishing the physical cleaning, the next step is to cleanse the house Qi using 2 types of Chinese Herbs, 藿香 Huo Xiang and 甘草 Gan Cao and combine it with pure sandalwood powder. When these 3 ingredients is burn together, the smoke that it produces will cleanse the environment of any malignant or stagnant Qi.

And for this cleansing process, as a Taoist I would usually add the Hua Sha Fu 化杀符(talisman to neutralize Sha).The talisman is burn on top of the mixture before the starting of the fire. Therefore spiritually cleansing every corner of the house.

As this year, the Coming of Spring 立春 Feb 4th) happens to be earlier than Lunar New Year (February 14th) , the cleansing should be done before Feb 4th.

If you happen to be one of the last minute cleaners, doing it after February 4th is also as possible.

For readers that resides in Penang, you can obtain the Hua Sha Fu 化杀符(talisman to neutralize Sha) and the herbal mixtures at our temple (Kam Dong Shan 金洞山 2521 Harbour Trade Centre ,Lebuh Macallum, 10300 Georgetown. Penang)

Have a great cleaning and cleansing before the New Year !

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seon said...

extremely interesting blog. I hope master will update this blog more often, very interested with master spiritual encounters.